Programme 2010-11

Women’s Film History Network – UK/Ireland: Programme 2010-2011

Workshop One

held at University of Sunderland 12-13 February 2010, brought together experts in women’s history, literary and theatre studies, film history and media studies in order to benefit from interdisciplinary research, identifying new perspectives, sources and avenues of investigation.

Workshop Two

held 11-13 March 2010 in New York in collaboration with the Film Division of Columbia University, drew together scholars and representatives from women’s film and media organisations in New York and Europe to address conceptual and practical issues arising from the international dimensions of film production and distribution: for example the use of national categorisation for filmmakers who work internationally and the dispersal of materials and sources in archives and collections around the world. The workshop will examine potential digital solutions to sharing access across national borders.

Workshop Three

to be held in early December 2010 will draw scholars from Britain, America and Europe together with archivists, library collection managers and exhibition centre directors in UK/Ireland to identify issues and solutions for database construction which will enable the Network to share new research findings in women’s film history and function as a gateway to existing resources.

The Network Conference, Doing Women’s Film History (working title), to be held 13-15 April 2011 at University of Sunderland, will open out the findings of these workshops and invite contributions and feedback from a wider audience, as will Network panels presented at the annual Silent British Cinema Festivals in 2010 and 2011.

Workshop Four

to be held in Autumn 2011, will draw together the results from workshops and conference in order to construct a constitution and organisational foundation for the continuance of the Network post-AHRC funding. This will include devising a brief for a digital designer to develop web-based and data-basing support to link future researchers and users, for which further funds will be sought.

Further details concerning the Workshops and 2011 Conference will be posted on this site as soon as they become available. To make contact with the Steering Group please email Christine Gledhill: christine.gledhill (at)

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