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Quick Guide to Uploading Files

See video at how to upload your file

To upload a file from your computer to a wiki page

You have to be logged in under your own username to upload a file

Start on the page to which you want to upload a file and click on files at the bottom of the page.

Click on the box labelled: Upload a file from your computer. This enables you to locate the file you want on your hard disk by clicking in your computer's selection panel and then the box marked 'open.'

The wiki Files page will then throw up a box with the name of your chosen file and a double box underneath.

Click on the left hand one named Upload Files. The right hand box will show the progress of the upload and tell you when uploading is complete.

The uploaded file name will then appear as a link to the file.


Click on edit on the same page above the upload box.

You will then open the page with a box at the top with the codings for style headings and links which are normally hidden.

Place your cursor at the start of the text which you want to link to your file and enter two square brackets thus [[ then type the word file and the name of your file exactly as you uploaded it, taking care to copy case and punctuation as used in the file title - then close the square brackets ]]. For example: YourFile.docx

Save this by clicking on the save button below the page. Then check that the link has been made by searching, for example, for YourFile.docx on the page, clicking it to download the file onto your computer.

Try it YourFile.docx

NB The system won't accept long titles. However, if you don't want the file type (e.g. .docx or .pdf) to appear in the middle of your title or in your text at all, it's not necessary to include it. Just close the title with the two square brackets. The file type will be recorded against the title listed in the "files" section at the bottom of your document.

There are video tutorials at tutorials

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