Tasks & Questions For Network Development

Please add any Questions and Issues for the Network Steering Group to consider


to establish the Network we need to compile via the wiki listings of:

1) Relevant archives and library collections in UK and abroad, including regional archives and collections of amateur and home movies.

2) Relevant existing databases and websites.

3) UK women’s film groups, distribution companies and festivals.


1) Given that history is always in construction, and the claim of the net to provide hard information, what is the value of web publishing critical essays along with the basic data? Is there not a danger that ‘opinion’ hardens into fact? Would an on-line journal or newsletter be a better option for critical comment? (See Clare Watson’s proposal in British Silent Film Festival Meeting Notes.)


1 Possible Network affiliations: MECCSA; BILDWECHSEL; WiFTV (UK); BECTU; And???

2) How far can we retrieve ‘women’ as a critical, exhibition, curriculum category? Should we be arguing for the inclusion of gender as an issue across the film history curriculum? Should we be reviving ‘women’s cinema’ as a curriculum and exhibition category? Perhaps both?

3) How can the Network put pressure on distributors, exhibitors and DVD companies?

4) Network – in conjunction with WiFTV (UK) and NFTVA - should via the membership draw up a list of endangered or missing or unavailable films that we want finding, preserved, exhibited or distributed on DVD.

5) How can Network intervene in the film history curriculum? What on-line resources might the Network build to support wfh in schools and undergraduate curricula? Is there potential for collaboration with BFI Education teachers’ conferences?

6) We need representation via fliers, newsletters, contributors, special meetings at Women and Silent Screen, Screen Conference, British Silent Film Festival and W&FHI meetings at SCMS in order to further Network aims.

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