Workshop 2

Columbia University Seminar & Women’s Film History Network – UK/Ireland

Women and Film History Weekend 11-13 March 2010


Thursday 11 March 6.30 – 9.30

Introductions: Setting the Scene

6:30 - 7:20 Columbia University Seminar and WFHN (UK/Ireland)
Dinner (New York Thai Grill & Sushi Bar)

7.30 –9.30 Museum of Modern Art, Warner Screening Room

Round-Table: Columbia University Seminar "Cinema and Interdiscipinary Interpretation"
and WFHN-UK/Ireland

Moderator: Drake Stutesman

Christine Gledhill: (10 mins) “Introducing the Women’s Film History Network - UK/Ireland

Bryony Dixon: (15 mins) "Transnational Stories: Women and their films crossing borders - archival and research issues”

Introduction to Daisy Doodad’s Dial

Screening: Daisy Doodad’s Dial (Turner Film Company, 1914). Directed by Florence Turner. Cast: Florence Turner (Daisy Doodad) and Larry Trimble (Husband). (ca. 10 min. si., b&w, 35mm; NFTVA; LOC print.)

Mark Cooper: (15 mins) “Tackling Universal Women as a Research Problem: What historiographic sources do and don’t tell us about ‘gender’ in the silent motion picture studio”

Introduction to Alas and Alack

Screening: Alas & Alack (1915, Universal) Director: Ida May Park. Scenario: Ida May Park. Cast: Cleo Madison, Lon Chaney (ca. 15 min. si., b&w, 35mm; NFTVA; LOC print).

Jane Gaines: (15 mins) “Traveling Women and Silent Era World Film Distribution as Paradigms”

Discussion (30 min.)

WFHN Workshop: Transnationalising Women’s Film History

Friday 12 March - Identifying Problems & Issues

(Columbia University – Morningside, Butler Library Room 523)

9:00 – 10:30 Session 1: Traveling Women: Confronting Problems & Issues

Session Chair: Antonia Lant

Monica Dall’Asta: Challenges of Researching Worldwide Distribution + Pearl White Reception and Frida Kluge as Distributor

Elaine Burrows: Historical overview of NFTVA/BFI collection development policies as they have impacted on gender and nation questions.

Clare Watson: Pursuing Women Publicists from UK to USA

Discussion 45 min.

10:30 – 10:45 Coffee/tea break

10:45 – 12:15 Session 2: Gender and Nation: Trans-nationalising Women’s Film Histories

Session Chair: Christine Gledhill

Antonia Lant: "Women’s writings on cinema and questions of national identity: the discoveries of The Red Velvet Seat"

Emma Sandon: "Reconfiguring British cinema history's national borders: empire, women and filmmaking"

Ruth Barton: "The Daughters of Erin go to Hollywood: occupational mobility, Irish women and transnational cinema"

Discussion 60 min.

12:15 – 1:15 Lunch

1:15 – 2:45 Session 3: Historising the Recent Past: Digitisation. Transnational Practices & Future

Session Chair: Emma Sandon

Bette Gordon: Changing conditions of women’s indie film/video production and finance from 1970s to today

Drake Stutesman: Preserving the recent past: New York Women in Film and TV’s Preservation Program

Rosanna Maule: Proposal for developing a “virtual archive”: Women Filmmakers and Postfeminism at the Age of Multimedia Reproduction

Discussion 60 min.

2:45 – 3:00 Coffee/tea break

3:00 – 4:50 Session 4: Resources for Women’s Film History: Current Progress and Future Development

Session Chair: Nancy Friedland

Jane Gaines and Risa Karaviotis: (15 mins) "Unveiling the Women Film Pioneers On-line Project: scope and design + meeting challenges of scholarship across national borders"

Radha Vatsal: (10 mins) "Women Film Pioneers On-Line: New challenge of digital research and “publication” for scholars"

Clare Watson: (10 mins) "Women and Silent British Cinema Website"

Workshop deliberation (30 mins)

Jenny Horne and Mark Cooper: (15 mins) "Women and Film History International: Future Challenges"

Workshop deliberation (25 mins)

4.55 – 5.50 Travel from Columbia to MOMA

5:50 – 9:00 Museum of Modern Art, Warner Screening Room
Chair/Moderator: Jennifer Horne

Screenings: Curse of the Quon Gwon (Mandarin Film Co. 1916) Dir/prod/writer, Marion E. Wong. AMPAS Archive. Introduced by Chi Li

The Red Lantern (Nazimova Productions 1919) Dir. Albert Capellani, cas.: Alla Nazimova, si, b&w. 35mm. Archive: BEB. Introduced by Dolores McElroy

9:00 Dinner (Bombay Palace)

Saturday 13 March - Solutions and Implementation

(Columbia University – Morningside, Butler Library Room 523)

9:00 – 10:45 Session 5: Policies and Practices 1: Internationalising Research Resources & Knowledge Sharing

Session Chair: Laraine Porter

Nancy Goldman: "The FIAF Treasures Database - interpreting "gender" and "nation": challenges of classification and credits"

Kim Tomadjoglou: "Challenges to archival standards in age of multiple formats, and where we stand on copyright"

Bryony Dixon: "Strategies for linking national archives and WFH international organizations"

10:45 –11:00 Coffee/tea break

11:00 - 1:00 Session 6: Policies and Practices 2: Distribution, Exhibition & Education

Session Chair: Nancy Goldman

Jenni Ramme and Eva Kietzmann: "Introduction to Bildwechsel with a focus on building up networks"

Laraine Porter: "On the category “women” and the future of festivals and retrospectives"

Jennifer Horne: "Past and future work of SCMS SIG (Special Interest Groups) and challenges to canon, curriculuar change along lines of gender and nation"

1:00 - 2:00 Lunch

Public Event - Graduate Student Conference

(Maison Française East Gallery, Columbia University - 2.00-6.15 )

Moderator: Linnéa Hussein

2:00 – 2:30 "Politics of Archival Work"
Weihong Bao (Moderator) and Jim Cheng

2:30 – 3:30 "Asian Archives"
Ti-Kai Chang, Chi Li

3:30 - 3:45 Coffee/tea break

3:45 – 4:45 "Spanish Language Archives"
José Palacios (Moderator), Veronica Spratley, Bruno Guaraná

4:45 – 5:45 "Russian & European Archives"
Alessandra Luciano (Moderator), Oxana Chefrenova, Viktoria Paranyuk

5:45 – 6:15 "General Archival Issues and Conference Summary"
Discussion chair: Jane Gaines

6:15 – 7:20 Dinner
(Maison Française (Buell Hall), 2nd Floor, Columbia University)

Public Event: “Alice Guy Blaché: After the Exhibition”

Maison Française, lst floor lecture room, Columbia University: 7:30 – 10.30

Joan Simon (curator, Alice Guy Blaché Exhibition, Whitney Museum) "Overview of Whitney Exhibition"

Screenings: Family Melodrama
La Marâtre/The Stepmother (Gaumont, 1906)
Falling Leaves (Solax, 1912)

Moderator: Antonia Lant (NYU)

Alan Williams (Rutgers University)
Kim Tomadjoglou (Co-curator, Alice Guy Blaché Exhibition)
Charles Musser (Yale University)

Screenings: Cross-Dressing Comedy
La Femme collante/The Sticky Woman (Gaumont, 1906)
La Matelas alcoolique/The Drunken Mattress (Gaumont, 1906)
Officer Henderson (Solax, 1913) NTSC vhs (A.W.)

Screenings: Alice Guy’s Ambiguous Politics
Le Résultats du féminisme/The Results of Feminism (1906, Gaumont)
The Strike (Solax, 1911)

Sunday 14 March: Debriefing: Next Actions

(at Maison Française, 2nd fl. seminar room)

8:30 am – Working Breakfast for Columbia Workshop organizers and WFHN-UK/Ireland Steering Group: Jane Gaines, Christine Gledhill, Bryony Dixon, Ruth Barton, Laraine Porter, Elaine Burrows, Emma Sandon, Eva Kietzmann


Kay Armatage, "The Women's Film History Project and Women and the Silent Screen." Screen, 48.4 (Winter 2008): 462-467 (attached.)
Inderpal Grewal: Transnational America (Durham: Duke University Press, 2005) – especially Introduction and Chapter 3
Jan-Christopher Horak: ‘The Gap Between 1 and 0: Digital Video and the Omissions of Film History,’ Spectator 27.1, Sprint 2007: 29-41
Jane Mills: Loving and Hating Hollywood: Reframing Local and Global Cinemas (Australia: Allen & Unwin, 2009)
Joan W. Scott: ‘AHR Forum: Unanswered Questions: Revisiting Gender,’ American Historical Review, December 2008.
Paul Willemen: ‘The National Revisited’ in Valentina Vitali and Paul Willemen (eds.), Theorising National Cinema (London: BFI, 2006).

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