Writing Women S History As Biography

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What I don’t know About Hedy Lamarr

10 Things I know about Hedy Lamarr
•Hedy Lamarr was born Hedwig Kiesler on 9 November, 1914, to a Jewish family in Vienna.
•She had already appeared in a number of Weimar era films and on stage before her notorious nude and orgasm sequences in Ecstasy (Extase, Gustav Machaty, 1933)
•She fled her husband (the first of six), arms manufacturer, Fritz Mandl, in 1937 for a career in Hollywood
•Her debut, in Algiers (John Cromwell, 1938) cemented her pre-War reputation as a: ’smoldering, velvet-voiced, wanton-mouthed femme fatale’ (Time Magazine, 25 July 1938)
•During the war, she invented, with modernist composer George Antheil, a long-range torpedo missile device: ‘This invention relates broadly to secret communication systems involving the use of carrier waves of different frequencies, and is especially useful in the remote control of dirigible craft, such as torpedoes. An object of the invention is to provide a method of secret communication which is relatively simple and reliable in operation, but at the same time is difficult to discover or decipher.’ It was patented but not used

Why write a biography?
•No one else had (?)
•Single star studies don’t fit an academic format
•It would be a challenge ..

The Challenges
–Conventional research vs gossip/memoirs
•The family
•Writing style
–‘a little more Addison DeWitt’?
•Who is my readership?
•Putting ‘me’ into it (bye-bye objectivity)
The objectives
•Locate Lamarr within an exile history
•Interpret her star persona from a feminist perspective

… and the rewards?
•We’ll see …

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